ZADAR OPEN 2011 - grappling tournament

21st of May 2011. Wrestling Club "Kralj Zvonimir" Zadar is organizing the traditional international grappling tournament  ZADAR OPEN 2011. The competition will be held in Zadar, a location will be published soon. For all the competitors who come from far away, we are able to provide hotel or apartment accommodation for 15-20 euro /person/per day or 30 euro with with 3 meals a day (for groups only), as long as you inform us at least 2 weeks in advance. It will be FILA rules.

More about the rules of FILA, see http://www.fila-grappling.com/

Required announcement appears with full name and surname, weight, club and residence on email: wrestling.zadar@gmail.com .Please put in the title Zadar Open 2011. If you do not receive confirmation within 3 days, your registration failed.

Participation is 150 kn (20 euro), weighing from 11-12 hours. The competition starts in 13 hours. Competitors in the absolute category can apply only if they compete in their weight class also.

Each contestant will be able to win 300euro from the prize fund. for 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded prizes from sponsors (fighting equipment and others).


    * Allowed rush guard-shirt or be without it; allowable catches for the shirt if the fighter carries one
    * not permitted oil or any similar means on the body of a fighter
    * Allowed to compete barefoot or in wrestling sneakers
    * Allowed to wear only MMA shorts or wrestling suit
    * Recommend the use of guards for the genitals and the mouthguard, the knee guards allowed
    * Not allowed earrings, chains, piercing

Permitted Techniques:

    * All of suffocation, with the exception of using the hand on the throat to stop the air supply
    * All the bars on the arm and shoulder
    * Grip the shirt if the fighter carries
    * Slams
    * All the bars on the foot and ankle

Illegal Techniques:

    * Full nelson (crusifix, one of the keys to the cervical vertebrae)
    Neck Cranks (keys on the neck) spine locks (keys in the spine); fishhooking
    * Any blows
    * Eyes digging and pushing fingers into his mouth, or any other body openings
    * Pulling hair, biting, attacks to the groin area
    * Any other form of unsportsmanlike conduct or non approved , as assessed by the judge

Category: -75 kg, -85 kg, -95 kg and +95 kg. Absolute male and absolute female category. No tolerance.

The duration of the fight: 1x6 minutes of all the struggles, the possible extensions of 2 minutes

Possible situations that are not covered by these regulations will be arranged  with judges

All information other than through the mail, you can get on the phone. 00385/95/8844-991


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