Zaton – Nin, football stadium "Gaj"
16.06.2012. starting at 17.30 am
(Doors open at 17 am)

Croatian Free Fighters Association , Ultimate Scorpion Team, Tourist Board Zaton

On Saturday, 16.06.2012 at the football stadium in Zaton, starting at 17.30 pm, there will be the first Croatian championship in the ultimate fighting. The fights will take place in the hexagonal cage, the amateur rules of Croatian Free Fighters Association adopted from the World Free Fight Association.

For men: up to 64 kg, 71kg up to 76kg to 80kg to 87kg to 95kg and over 95kg
For women: up to 50kg to 55kg to 60kg,-70kg and over 70kg

Croatian Free Fighters Association organizes:

Croatian Championship for cadets, juniors and seniors 16.06.2011. Zaton - Zadar
Football STADIUM - Gaj


Weighing 11 to 12, entry fee, contestants and award accreditation certificates for dinner.

12h draw

17 h gate open

17: 30 start of the competition


Required of participants via e-mail: cffa2005@gmail.com. Entries will be accepted until 06/07/2012.

All interested in accommodation occur not later than 01.06.2012. Apartment and hotel accommodation from 15eur / person.

The report in the mail please title: PH 2011 MMA
The text: name, date of birth, weight, club and contact telephone number or your coach takes you to the competition. Send pictures in the attitude to fight - desirable. Name and surname of the escort.
Can log all interested candidates regardless of their previous amateur or professional experience, and club affiliation.

Croatian Free Fighters Association amateur rules are available on website: www.hsbsb.hr
Competitors must read them.

Required genital and teeth protectors.

Permitted ear , knee and lower leg protectors (ankle and foot without protection) without hard plastic and metal parts. Guards who are not sufficiently clinging to the will be removed.

Gloves are a 10 OZ with open fingers will be borrowed when fighters entering the cage.

Qualifying matches last 1x5min, 2x5min final with 2 minutes break in between. If the fight does not end the disruption, it will be decided on points.

In case of rain, event will be moved to the hall primary school "Petar Zoranic" Nin. In case of bad weather, please follow the information on www.scorpionteam.com

YOUNGER AGE: prohibits any blows to the head, must have the written consent of at least one parent / legal guardian.

JUNIORS 16-18 years
CADETS 14-16 years
SMALL CADETS up to 14god

We will have the opportunity to see one of the professional rules superfight between hazardous Slovak Tomas Deak , whom we have seen already twice in Zaton, where he won against the Hungarian Istvan Rumpler, and Icelander Solon Krstinn Arnason in the category up to 80kg, and in Karlovac won against Josip Deur in 75kg category . His opponent will be local fighter Zvonimir Brala veteran who will return to fight after a year and a half break for spine surgery, and try to stop the winning streak of Deák in Zaton.

The program will start at exactly 17:30 am,for the cameras. Gate will be open from 17 am. Tickets in advance from 01.06.2012. from 70kn, and on the day of the tournament will be more expensive.

Phone for all information regarding tickets, VIP tables and accreditation will be announced soon.
All information regarding the candidates and their needs is 095-8844991.

Press conferences will be held two days earlier. There will be accredited journalists and photographers who want to attend the spectacle. All information regarding the press conference will be published two weeks before the spectacle.



Tribune 70 kn, the sector C
Tribune 100kn sector B
150kn Floor, Sector A
VIP table for 5 people with the consumption of drink and served by hostesses 2000kn


Will be sold only at the entrance to the stadium in Zaton from 16.30 pm and tickets for the tribune. Other tickets will not be available on the day of the event. All other outlets will be closed.

Outlets - TICKETS are sold from 01.06.2012. Tourist in the following communities:

TZ Zaton ,
Zadarska cesta 39a P.b.:23232 Zaton - Nin. Telefon: +385 (0)23 265 461. www.zaton-zd.hr

Turističko Naselje (TN) Zaton ,
na glavnoj recepciji 023/280-280

TZ Vir ,
Put mula bb. Poštanski broj: 23234. Telefon: +385 (0)23 362 196 ; +385 (0)23 363 468

TZ Zadar,
Narodni trg 1, 385(0)23 316 166

Turistička Zajednica Zaton, , Tourist Service www.nautilus-info.net, , Fightsport – trgovina borilačke opreme Zadar, To - Ši commerce

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