Croatian international grappling championship
16 May 2009. Wrestling club Kralj Zvonimir and Ultimate Scorpion Team Zadar organize Croatian International Grappling Championship name ZADAR OPEN 2009. It will be in the city of Zadar and we will announce address soon. For all the fighters who are coming from far away we can organize hotel for 15-20 euro/ person or 30 euro with 3 meals (only for groups) if you let us know minimum 2 week in advance.

Participation is 15 euro or 100 kuna. Weight check from 11-12 am. Bouts start at 13h.

More about the FILA rules at our web site under rules button or www.d4-world.com

Pre-registration with full name and wight required at scorpion-team@net.hr in subject of mail put ZADAR OPEN 2009. If you don't receive our mail back in 2 days, you're not registered.

All bouts are 6 minutes, possible extra rounds 2 minutes.

Categories : -75kg, -85kg, -95kg, +95kg , man absolute and ladies absolute.

In man absolute can join only fighters who fight in their category first. If there is less than 20 fighters in all categories together, it will be only absolute category.

Equipment :
rash-guard or without, no t-shirts
No oils or creams
No shoes or wrestling shoes
Mma pants or gi-pants, no other
Recommended groin and teeth protection, knee and ear protectors allowed
No piercing, earrings, rings, necklaces or any other jewelry

Forbidden :
Intentional breaking of bones or joints
  • Punching, kicking, knees, forearms, elbows, head butts, malicious cross faces
  • Eye gouging, pulling of hair, fishing hooking, biting, or attacking the groin
  • Slams and spikes
  • Back splashes from standing back control
  • Combination joint locks & throws
  • Closed hand with use of the fingers to throat/trachea choking techniques
  • Cutbacks from attached single leg/whizzer position
  • Inside or outside heel hooks (does not include lace leg/lunduke leglocks)
  • 2 on 1 wristlocks
  • Chin ripping
  • Crucifix
  • Full-Nelson
  • Can opener
  • Pulling fingers and small joint manipulation
  • Thumb locks allowed
  • Intentional grabbing of competition uniform
  • Argument/insults towards the opponent or the referee

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