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Night of Scorpion 1
29.04.2005. Zadar
In Zadar city sport hall Jazine in front of 1200 people, 8 attractive MMA fights where held in octagon cage. It was a first professional fighting event in Zadar of any kind ever.
For the first time in Europe there were two beautiful but dangerous girls fighting in octagon cage in MMA rules. Referee pair was made by Bernard Ban and Zlatko Klarić from Zagreb.
Serbian fighter Vladimir Vučković did not show up on his fight, but all other fighters have made a spectacle so audience came to the right place. After party was in City club Gotham...
Night of Scorpion 2
17.07..2005. Zadar
In Zadar city sport hall Jazine in front of 600 people, 8 attractive fights where held in octagon cage. 6 MMA fights and 2 Cage-fights. Cage-fight is a fight with K-1 rules plus some wrestling holds in stand-up fight.
Gloves for these fight are standard boxing gloves. This event was a fight between selected Croatian and Czech fighters, and there was also one Croatian prestige fight (Šintić –Celinić). Referee pair was made by Bernard Ban from Zagreb in MMA and Jozo Gabrić from Split in a cage-fight. For more heat in the sport hall , before fighters we saw attractive fire-jongleur show. Guests of this spectacle were Marko Žaja «Flash» former world...
Night of Scorpion 3
18.02.2006. Šibenik
Greatest sport spectacle ever in city Šibenik is held at Saturday 18.02.2006. Night of exclusive fights in city sport hall Baldekin.

The third and the best so far MMA tournament "Noć Škorpiona" (Night of Scorpions) . Except on fights, all eyes in the hall were looking in the Scorpion girls around octagon cage. ....
Night of Scorpion 4
01.09.2006, Zadar

Noć Škorpiona 5
29.03.2008, Zelina


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